About Eventful Capital

Ever since I can remember, Ottawa has been considered a boring capital city and continually compared to the likes of Montreal and Toronto. With time, I got tired of hearing people say that it was a boring place and that there’s nothing to do around Canada’s National Capital Region. It annoyed me because I knew that it wasn’t true and that it was simply a matter of doing a bit of research and knowing where to look.

As a result, Eventful Capital was created to primarily give out information on upcoming events in the National Capital Region, both around Ottawa and the Outaouais, and to share my perspective and impressions on events that I attend around the city. With time, it’s also become a vehicle to highlight the local cultural scene and to support locally-driven initiatives.

In a nutshell, I began writing this blog in November 2011 to share my love for events of all kinds and to keep you in the loop on what’s happening in Canada’s National Capital Region. With Eventful Capital, I also hope to shine a spotlight on artists and individuals who contribute to the local arts community.

Wether you’re a local resident, an international student, or a visitor from out of town, I truly hope that this blog will be of use and that it’ll help you appreciate the entertaining and eventful capital that is Ottawa.

If you’d like me to mention an event that you are involved with, please send an email with the appropriate information to eventfulcapital@gmail.com. Think I should attend a particular event and review it on this blog? Please send me the info by email and I’ll be happy to consider it.

Would you like to get involved and contribute to Eventful Capital? If so, shoot me an email!

Enjoy our Eventful Capital!

Founder, Writer and Editor
Eventful Capital

8 comments on “About Eventful Capital

  1. Bonjour Eliane,

    Cool blog! This is very short notice but tonight (Thurs Dec 29) @ Mercury Lounge…

    a) Rocksteady Soul (also known as Double Barrel), in the basement/underground – vintage reggae, motown, funk, ska. 10pm free. pint of Beau’s $5

    b) Marlow Beat Kings, club level- 9pm, $8- from online poster: “psychedelic R&B, Soul, Boogaloo organ”

    2 cool gigs with complimentary vibes under 1 roof. Get your groove on…

    Also, for Ottawa events: check out couchassassin.com – comprehensive, packed with Ottawa stuff, but lacks your local touch

    stay warm, Rastafaryeh

  2. Elly,

    Great work on Eventful and keeping Ottawa folks up to speed. We totally needed this in Ottawa and your commitment since 2011 is amazing. Following your lead, we are doing our part to help things out and get Ottawa folks to know what events are happening around them in their city, and when making big plans…. you may be able to help us with this site and add posters … check BigPlans Ottawa


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